Thursday, August 16, 2018

Vinik's 30 Year "All for Transit" Tax Hike Constrains Roads, Creates Gridlock - Vote NO!

A standard definition of "road improvements" or "improve roads and bridges" includes (emphasis mine):
"Road improvement" includes construction of new roads or improvement or expansion of existing roads and related appurtenances
But transit advocates who wrote the egregious Vinik massive 30 year $17 BILLION transit tax hike intentionally narrowed that standard definition of road improvements.

In the ballot summary language that will be on the ballot in November, they deceptively included as the very first item the massive tax would be spent on as "improve roads and bridges".

Monday, August 13, 2018

OPPAGA Counsel, Like Sgt. Schultz, Knows Nothing

Cross post with permission from Tampa Bay Guardian/Jim Bleyer

OPPAGA staff
As far as we can determine, Hogan’s Heroes character Sgt. Schultz did not hold a law degree nor was he entrusted with protecting the public purse.

But Janet Tashner, the state Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability’s General Counsel, apparently needs those qualifications for the position she holds. Certainly it does not involve transparency or candor.

Vinik's Massive Transit Tax Hike Is Another Boondoggle!

A performance audit is currently underway for the massive 30 year 14% transit tax hike referendum recently placed on the ballot by the Vinik funded All for Transportation (AFT) PAC petition effort.

Somehow the Vinik tax hike audit leap frogged in line over the Hillsborough County's School Board audit request for their proposed sales tax referendum. We now also know that Vinik's tax hike audit has been "fast tracked" to meet the required 60 day pre-election deadline for the November ballot.

It is apparent that someone with access and strings to pull in Tallahassee, where the agency who facilitates the audits OPPAGA is located, pulled some strings or called in some chits. OPPAGA had hired the auditor and set the audit up before the SOE had even finished validating the petitions while OPPAGA left the School Board's audit request whistling in the wind.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Hands Along the Water

This morning, Sunday August 12, across many locations in Florida, thousands came out to the beaches to support clean water and beaches with Hands Along the Water. We attended the St. Pete Beach event.

The St. Pete Beach event was organized by local volunteers Casey Corder and Jill Barncord. Hundreds turned out to support the event. People from all walks of life participated the peaceful, non-political event.

It was a pleasant morning on St. Pete Beach. Thousands were out on the beach, enjoying the sun, water, watersports, walks on the beach, and the warm weather. Plenty of sea birds around as well, and thankfully, no dead fish or foul odors.

It's a Dud! Press Conference For Vinik's Massive Rail Tax Hike

A press conference was held last week to announce that Vinik's massive tax hike to raise Hillsborough County sales tax rate to 8% - the highest in the state - will be on the November ballot.

Where was this press conference held?

In front of a drive in movie theater on Hillsborough Avenue - deceptively far away from Vinikville and the gleaming downtown towers.

Far away from the wealthy five Vinik associated donors who donated $750K to spend over a HALF a MILLION dollars to paid petition gatherers to get Vinik's $15-18 BILLION massive tax hike on the ballot.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ferry Dust

Ah... the good old days, way way back to May, 2013, when we were told we would have ferries running across Tampa Bay.
HMS and [Ed] Turanchik formally unveiled plans for what they are calling high-speed ferry service that would start as commuter boat transportation between MacDill Air Force Base and southern Hillsborough County, home to many of its employees. Ferry boats also would be used for transportation to large events on either side of the bay, such as Tampa Bay Rays baseball games in St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Lightning hockey games in the Channel District.
Speakers at the presentation at the Tampa Bay Times Forum included Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Hillsborough County Commissioner Sandra Murman and Tampa Bay Lightning chief executive officer Tod Leiweke. 
"I think this has got some sex appeal to it," Buckhorn said.
Of course, it cost something to do anything, especially to pay for sex appeal.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Vinik's Rail Cartel Plays HardBall Against County Taxpayers

Guest post from Dr. James Davison

Mr. Vinik and his cronies have bought their way onto the November ballot spending over a HALF a MILLION DOLLARS to collect petitions to qualify a referendum for increasing the sales tax in Hillsborough county to 8% - the highest in the state. All because he needs light rail to make his downtown [Under] Water Street real estate go. 

Vinik then somehow "leap froged" in line right over the Hillsborough County School District to have a state mandated audit of the programs receiving the $15 billion tax plan. The school board had already informed the state that they were going to put a 1/2 percent sales tax question before the voters in November. The school district wanted their tax hike for much needed A/C replacements, capital improvements and hardening of the schools for security.