Thursday, June 4, 2020

"Go Home Jane" Castor is a Disaster

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor was the Tampa Police Chief when the city successfully hosted the last Super Bowl in Tampa and the RNC convention in 2012. She clearly understands how to prepare for events that could get unruly and how to prepare for worst case while hoping for best case.
Tampa Mayor Jane Castor
As Mayor, how could Castor have allowed all the rioting, burning down of businesses and looting that raged in Tampa Saturday night?

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Fiscally Distressed PSTA: No Bailouts, Shut Down the Central Ave BRT Boondoggle and Hire a New CEO

Pinellas County's transit agency PSTA is a fiscal mess. PSTA's financial position has been declining for years and their fiscal distress began long before the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether thru incompetence or willful neglect, PSTA has refused to address their fiscal mess. The pandemic has devastated PSTA's ridership even more causing their financial position to worsen. The State or the Feds should not be handing out bailouts to PSTA that will mask or cover up PSTA's own incompetence and/or neglect.

Monday, May 18, 2020

PSTA's Legislative Committee Chair Democrat Commissioner Janet Long Publicly Disparages President Trump at PSTA Meeting

Is there a trend in Tampa Bay with county commissioners disparaging people and alienating their own constituents and voters?

We posted here and here where Democrat Hillsborough County commissioner Kimberly Overman called her constituents "super stupid", was derogatory towards others and instigated others to go after those who disagree with her.

Now Democrat Pinellas County commissioner Janet Long decided to go partisan at a Pinellas transit agency PSTA Legislative Committee meeting held May 6th. Long publicly denigrated President Trump at this meeting. [Can go directly to video clip below to watch]

The Trump Administration should take note.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Pandemic, Plummeting Transit Ridership and the Rail Tax Saga

While waiting for the final ruling by the Florida Supreme Court regarding whether the All for Transportation (AFT) rail/transit tax will remain or be thrown out, the coronavirus pandemic hit.

The AFT transit tax forces 45% of the $16 Billion tax to go to the transit agency HART. The only reason $7 Billion must go to HART is to fund costly rail projects. The AFT rail tax was intended to force taxpayers in unincorporated Hillsborough County to pay for numerous rail projects in the city of Tampa. While billions are not needed to improve HART's bus service, they are needed for rail projects targeted for the "choice riders" always found somewhere over the rainbow.

The pandemic has devastated transit ridership everywhere and the "choice rider" in Hillsborough County may no longer exist. People will prefer to continue using the safety and security of their own vehicles not boarding trains with strangers.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Democrat County Commissioner Kimberly Overman "Uncensored" Part 2

We reported here that Democrat Hillsborough County commissioner Kimberly Overman used her Seminole Heights "Uncensored" private Facebook page to call her constituents "super stupid".

It appears Overman has a persona she thought was hidden behind a "Private" Facebook group.

This is a much older post on that page from Overman that reflects she has a history of being condescending and derogatory on the "Uncensored" Facebook page.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Commissioner Overman Calls Constituents "Super Stupid"

Kimberly Overman photo-op with Gloria Steinem
Progressive Democrat Hillsborough County Commissioner Kimberly Overman, a member of the Hillsborough Emergency Policy Group (EPG) currently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, takes to Facebook to express her opinions.

Hillsborough County, with a population of 1.4 million, has 3.19% of all coronavirus cases, 3.27% of all hospitalizations and 1.8% of all deaths in the state of Florida.

Overman and her fellow Democrat EPG member Tampa Mayor Jane Castor have advocated for  draconian measures of curfews and mandatory masks be implemented in Hillsborough.

Some cooler heads on the EPG with more common sense luckily prevailed and the curfew and mandatory masks failed with only Castor and Overman voting for them.

Overman posts on her own Facebook page articles from Al Jazeera. Included with this Al Jazeera article are her own comments about needing serious commitment and buy in to social distancing, face covering and sanitization by individual citizens and businesses BEFORE we are back TOWARD supporting "back to business".

We are six weeks into a shelter at home shutdown that has thrown 30 million people out of work, including hundreds of thousands in Florida. Overman does not think we have made a serious commitment. How out of touch is she?

Ironically Overman posted this on April 28th, the day before Governor DeSantis announced the beginning of reopening of businesses in Florida. Overman looks even more out of touch.

Overman, who continues receiving her $100K salary and golden benefits courtesy of the taxpayers, does not think we have yet been personally responsible enough - for her. Trust is a two way street but Overman does not trust her own constituents to be personally responsible.

Overman, a countywide commissioner, has begun taking heat from the public and her constituents. Many are now pushing back against Overman's draconian actions, her condescending comments, and her lack of compassion for those financially devastated by the shutdown.

Overman, who lives in Seminole Heights, took to this "Seminole Heights Uncensored" Private Group Facebook page to vent.

Overman felt comfortable being "uncensored" in her private group of friendlies. She used it to speak her mind about the county commission job she "signed up for".
Overman post on private FB group page
When Overman campaigned for your vote in 2018, who knew that she thought many of you were "super stupid".

People's lives and livelihoods have been upended and destroyed by an economic shutdown we were told was to prevent overrunning medical resources.

We succeeded in that goal but that serious commitment by Overman's constituents has caused great financial detriment to so many individuals, families and businesses in Hillsborough County.

Overman should be applauding Hillsborough County not calling her own constituents stupid.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Hillsborough Commissioner Smith Exploits Time of Crisis for $16B Rail Tax Round 2

As we posted here, Hillsborough County Commissioner Mariella Smith's priority, during this time of coronavirus crisis and its economic devastation, is to put a $16 Billion transit tax referendum on the November ballot.

The Federal government began sending rescue checks out to financially struggling Americans this week as businesses remain closed, unemployment has skyrocketed and we are shutdown to stay healthy.

While the Federal government, in one hand, is providing rescue checks and stimulus to devastated businesses trying to keep them from permanent closing, Commissioner Smith wants the county to take away some of those funds with the other hand.

The County has not publicly reassessed the county budget that has taken a huge negative hit and there are still many uncertainties.

But Commissioner Smith's priority is for Hillsborough County to have the highest sales tax rate in the State even as we may be head into a major Recession.