Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Future is Against All For Transportation

The Eye caught up with the All For Transportation proponents at Cafe Con Tampa on Friday, October 12. AFT made their pitch for their plan. Here are some selections on what they said, and what it means for the future of transportation in Hillsborough County. The future will not be kind to AFT's rigid plan, nor the citizens in Hillsborough.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Did Hillsborough MPO Director Cross An Ethical Line?

We posted here and here about the credibility of the Hillsborough MPO is on a downward spiral. The Hillsborough MPO has gone rogue but has the MPO Director now crossed an ethical line?

On August 27th we asked Hillsborough MPO Director Beth Alden if the massive 30 year 14% transit tax hike was funding the MPO's 2040 long range transportation plan (LRTP). That claim was reported numerous times by local media. Alden seemed flustered with the question and tried to respond that she had not taken much time looking at the transit tax hike petition.

However, after more questions were asked, Alden admitted she had spoken to two All for Transportation (AFT) PAC activists and spokespersons. Alden spoke to Kevin Thurman and Christina Barker when the petition drive began in mid June and they also met on July 2nd. Alden indicated she met with Thurman and Barker the same day she said Thurman and Barker were meeting with county commissioners. **

Tampa Bay Times All In for All For Transportation

The Tampa Bay Times had the printing presses running at warp speed on Friday October 12 to push support for All For Transportation. They released 4 different stories and editorials supporting AFT within hours of each story, and in each avoided any facts or criticism of the amendment.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Nelson Directs Users to Democrat Fundraising Site for Hurricane Relief

Clueless or intentional? Senator Bill Nelson, in a close campaign for re-election against Governor Rick Scott, sent a fundraising email for hurricane Michael relief that directed users to the ActBlue web site, a Democrat fundraising PAC, which could capture donor's email addresses.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

All For Transportation Will Be A Transit Failure

As we discussed here, the All For Transportation Hillsborough County Charter Amendment cloaks itself around transportation and safety improvements, while deceptively and intentionally constraining road capacity and thus increasing congestion. They are intentionally downplaying their true advocacy for transit, specifically fixed guideway or rail solutions. Yet those will be an even bigger failure than their so called transportation improvements.

Train wreck

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

All For Transportation Will Increase Congestion

Despite the $2 million and growing advertising campaign for All For Transportation and the 1 cent, 14% sales tax increase proposed as a county charter amendment in Hillsborough County, the plan will increase congestion and not relieve it. The evidence is hidden in plain sight in the details of the ballot amendment, which they conveniently avoid in their advocacy.

You will move at snails pace with the AFT plan

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hillsborough MPO Gone Rogue, Part 2

The Hillsborough MPO is dysfunctional and in need of a big housecleaning. The MPO needs new leadership, a new Director and new staff.

We posted here that the Hillsborough MPO had already taken sides earlier this year as they began their 2045 long range transportation planning (LRTP).
What is the Hillsborough MPO up to now?