Sunday, June 29, 2014

A good week at PSTA: Dissing Deeson, Dismissing and Insulting Haselden

I was at the PSTA Board Meeting Wednesday and it was a spectacle to behold.

First there was Brad Miller calling out long time WTSP Channel ten investigative reporter Mike Deeson for an interview that Mr. Miller handled so badly the only conclusion you could come to was he had no answer to Deeson’s questions.

You can see the interview here: PSTA uses security grant to back Green Light Tax.

I watched Mr. Miller, PSTA CEO, do one of the better political tap dances as he tried to weasel word his way past the fact his administration at best skirted the intent of a Federal grant.

The perception is he misused federal funds to promote the Greenlight sales tax initiative. In politics we always say perception is reality.

Dr. David McKalip, publisher of the blog SUNBEAM TIMES, was so outraged he called Mr. Miller a liar. PSTA’s Brad Miller and Commissioner Ken Welch Lie on Terrorism Grant Abuse

Not be out done, the venerable Chair of the PSTA Board also had a few choice words for Mr. Deeson.

Since after watching Mr. Deeson dissect politicians and administrative types for years, I figured he could handle the criticism just fine.

The whole debacle was a terrible view of two guys trying to justify a public agency on the edge of inappropriate activity.

It all seemed a bit odd given the fact the Greenlight - Yes should have close to a half million dollars in their war chest to sell this debacle to the public so why these shenanigans with public funds?

When they have $130 million of your tax payer dollars Deeson’s stories should really get interesting.

I wasn’t too outraged about the PSTA board comportment until Commissioner Welch abruptly shut down Barb Haselden's questioning of the PSTA legal council regarding the handling of the property tax that Green Light is supposed to replace with a “there will be no back and forth here”. “Your time is up.

See my thoughts in SaintPetersBlog at Gene Webb: No room for dissent at PSTA board meeting

All of that was followed up with one of the most outrageous attacks on a citizen I had seen in a couple of years as County Commissioner Janet Long called Barb Haselden stupid.

Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

Take a good look folks YOUR Public Transportation agency and its Board are truly out of control.

Do you really want to vote these people a $130 million tax increase?

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