Friday, July 17, 2020

Meet Mike Perotti, Republican Running for State Attorney in Hillsborough County

Mike Perotti is running for Hillsborough County State Attorney in November. He is a Republican challenging the Democrat incumbent Andrew Warren who narrowly beat Republican Mark Ober in 2016.

The Eye had an opportunity recently to speak with Perotti to find out more about him and why he is running for State Attorney. Perotti explains the importance of the State Attorney. He states there is a critical need for leadership who wants to be held accountable and leadership who will bring integrity to the position and the entire State Attorney's Office.

Perotti is a third generation Tampa native with strong ties to his community. He has a background in law and law enforcement. Perotti has worked as legal counsel for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (HCSO), and as a Colonel with HCSO, he ran the County's entire jail system.

Here are some highlights from our interview.

To hear more about Perotti and why he is running for Hillsborough County State Attorney, below is our entire interview with him. (about 30 minutes).

At a time when the coronavirus pandemic impacts normal campaign activities, take the time to watch the videos.

Get informed.

Activist led civil unrest with some of its associated violence is being brought into our living rooms almost daily. That unrest can cause fear about increased crime and anxiety about safety, not only in our cities but the suburbs as well. It can also raise concerns about whether different outcomes or double standards are being applied based on politics and not the rule of law.

The State Attorney races in this election may be more important than ever.

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