Thursday, September 10, 2020

Election 2020: Vote Republican Ana Paulina Luna To Defeat Chameleon Career Politician Charlie Crist & More

Ana Paulina Luna
Republican candidate for CD13
challenging Charlie Crist

It's election crunch time with about 50 days until election day and shorter for when voting will start. 

Florida is a swing state with the Tampa Bay Area one end of the key I-4 corridor.

There are a number of important races in Tampa Bay and the Eye will discuss some of them.

The latest Eye podcast talks about several races including the Congressional District 13 (CD13) race in Pinellas County. Republican Ana Paulina Luna, a Veteran, has a great opportunity to defeat Democrat incumbent Charlie Crist in CD13 and help flip the House. 


Charlie Crist is a career politician flip flopper who has changed his party affiliation three times.

CD13 is a barely Democrat leaning District but Crist votes with Progressive San Fran Nancy Pelosi 90% of the time, including voting for the Ukraine partisan impeachment debacle. If voters in CD13 do not know this, they should now. 

Whether Crist is confused, forgetful or simply votes as Speaker Pelosi tells him to, Tampa Bay is not San Francisco Bay.

We've been dealing with a pandemic and witnessing over 3 months of violent riots in Democrat run cities. This is an odd election year and the chameleon career politician Charlie Crist is vulnerable.

Vote for Anna Paulina Luna in CD13.

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