Tuesday, April 4, 2023

In 2024 Defeating Biden and Preserving Our Republic Flows Thru PA, WI, MI, GA and AZ

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin's words are as relevant or perhaps more so today as they were in 1787.  

When Governor DeSantis, Congresswoman Laurel Lee and Congressman Byron Donalds spoke at Hillsborough County Republican Party's Lincoln Day dinner last Friday night, they lit up the packed room. Each of them lit the room on fire about what our country is facing to keep our Republic. 

Those who attended Friday's event already know what America faces. It was a call to action to Stand United against: Leftist Democrats who will do and say anything to get and retain power, Woke elitists run amok who are wrong about everything and leave paths of destruction everywhere, the lying DNC media propaganda machine, the Big Tech Oligarch Censor Kings and the big corporations used by Democrats to normalize destructive policies and bully us.

Republicans will Stand United in 2024 against Joe Biden. 

Americans must Stand United in 2024 against Joe Biden.

Florida will be more Red in 2024. Florida and Ohio are both Red and no longer considered swing states. 

Below is the electoral map from 2016.

2016 Electoral map
(click to enlarge)

Below is the electoral map from 2020, an exact flip from 2016. What a coincidence...

2020 Electoral map 
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The electoral map slightly changed in 2022 after the 2020 Census. IL, MI, NY, PA, OH, WV and CA each lost a seat. FL, NC, MT, CO and OR each gained a seat and TX gained 2 seats.    

Due to the changes in the electoral map, Republicans will start with 235 electors by holding onto the same states they won in 2020. They will need to add 35 electors to get to 270 needed to win the WH.

The biggest opportunity to get those 35 electors or more is thru the States of:

  • Pennsylvania - 19 electors 
  • Wisconsin - 10 electors
  • Michigan - 15 electors
  • Georgia - 16 electors
  • Arizona - 11 electors
Winning any combination of three of these states will deliver the White House to the Republicans. 

With all the Democrats mail ballot harvesting, ZuckBucks targeting Democrat voters and other questionable activities in 2020, below are Biden's percentage/vote margins for each aforementioned State.
  • PA - 1.2% (81,660 vote margin)
  • WI - 6/10 of a percent (20,682 vote margin)
  • MI - 2.8% (154,188 vote margin)
  • GA - 26/100 of a percent (12,670 vote margin and 1.2% or 62,138 votes went to a Libertarian candidate)
  • AZ - 4/10 of a percent (10,457 votes)
Adding WI, GA and AZ in 2024 to a start of 235 electoral votes gets to 272. 

In AZ, there are 172,529 more registered Republican voters than Democrats. 
AZ registered voters

Biden's 2020 margin in Nevada, who has 6 electors, was 2.4% (33,596 votes). Currently in Nevada there are only 46K more registered D's than R's and 31% (581,108) of all voters in Nevada are NPA's. 

In Clark County (Las Vegas), 39.6% of all voters are NPA or affiliated with minor parties. 32% of all Clark County voters are NPA's. 

Opportunity for Republicans also in Nevada especially with the infighting in the Nevada Democrat Party between the Socialist Democrats and the Harry Reid Democrats. 

In 2020 ZuckBucks were used to target all five swing states: AZ, GA, WI, MI and PA. Tens of millions of ZuckBucks were sent to the large Democrat run counties in each of those States. $2.6 Million ZuckBucks flowed to Clark County in Nevada. 

Since 2020 a number of states including FL, AZ, PA and GA successfully passed bills banning ZuckBucks. MI passed two bills but their Democrat Governor veto'd both of them. WI Democrat Governor Whitmer also veto'd bills twice.

However, according to a recent RealClearInvestigations report,
Democrats and their progressive allies are vastly expanding their unprecedented efforts, begun in 2020, to use private money to influence and run public elections.

Supported by groups with more than $1 billion at their disposal, according to public records, these partisan groups are working with state and local boards to influence functions that have long been the domain of government or political parties.
A recent report from Restoration of America alleges:
The Democratic Party’s best-kept secret is its massive weaponization of America’s charities to supercharge voter participation in key states, undoubtedly tipping elections. 
At the heart of this election machine is a pair of D.C.-based nonprofits: the 501(c)(3) Voter Participation Center (VPC) and 501(c)(4) Center for Voter Information (CVI). Both share a common founder, Page Gardner, who registered voters for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential primary campaign.
Democrats are now using dating apps to register voters, specifically targeting minorities and young Generation Z voters. These apps can also capture lots of personal data.

Conservative election integrity groups, especially those formed since 2020, have interrogated our election integrity. They know where the Democrat's election integrity skeletons reside. 

An army of lawyers, watchdog groups and citizens will watch and observe everything. 

Activity that threatens the integrity of our 2024 elections will be exposed in real time and lawsuits filed immediately if needed to stop such activity.

Cameras will be on every mail ballot drop box in "Big Blue" counties, especially those in AZ, GA, WI, PA, and MI.

It's game on for harvesting mail ballots same as Democrats do.

Eyes and ears will be everywhere. Communication is more decentralized than 2020.

Red Florida may be the launching ground for Republicans in 2024.

But it is WI, GA, AZ, MI and WI where Republicans will defeat Joe Biden, win back the White House and preserve our Republic.

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