Monday, February 25, 2013

Trib Editorial: Is Empowering Cities More Taxation?

The Trib editorial board is still on its high horse pursuing rail, this time in Tampa, since the media and the rail proponents have given up on Hillsborough County as their rail handmaiden for now, and seeking more forgiving (taxable?) targets.  Hillsborough defeated the ballot initiative for light rail, but the voters in Tampa were much more favorable.  Hence, the Trib's support of proposals to have the Florida legislation pass a law that will allow cities to raise taxes independent of the county.
The Legislature should let residents of major Florida cities vote to increase the local sales tax to improve roads and transit.
This doesn't mean taxes automatically would be increased in Tampa, which now lacks the revenue for the bus and rail service it needs.
Emphasis mine. Sure. That's exactly what they want.  Otherwise, why propose it?

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