Monday, February 25, 2013

Trib: Transit budget tax,... who are the experts?

The intrepid Ted Jackovics at the Tampa Tribune is at it again, taking the powers and beneficiaries of massive transportation related spending point of view and ignoring any alternative perspectives... say, those of us who have to pay for the MPOs.  The money quote:
In April, the MPO's advisory council proposed six revenue sources: index all fuel taxes not currently indexed to the Consumer Price Index; approve a one-cent sales tax option that municipalities could impose with a referendum rather than depending on county-wide referendums; increase fuel taxes by two cents a year for five years; study a user fee based on how many miles a vehicle travels,; impose a five-cent local diesel tax; and return motor vehicle license, registration and title fee increases to the state transportation funds.
"It's up to the Legislature," Howe [Michael P. Howe, executive director of the Sarasota/Manatee MPO, one of 26 such agencies statewide] said. "No one wants more taxes. I understand the legislature's trepidation."
 Got that?  No one wants more taxes, yet the MPO's proposed 6 new taxes.

This is a classic example of the media buddying up to the powers and crony organizations and ignoring you.

Updated - fixed title.

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  1. Any attempt to pursue logic from highly paid government lackeys is a futile exercise. The ONLY way to stop them from proposing these mass transit boondoggles is to sentence them to ride them. Their objective is to waste money for their limited constituency.