Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Media Sycophants for the Dems

As issues swirl around ObamaCare, the Eye has wondered where in the world Senator Nelson is on Obamacare now and whether Nelson can handle the truth about the train wreck.  Why?  Because Nelson has been silent and MIA on Obamacare.

But why have we only heard "crickets" from our sitting Senator who voted for Obamacare and helped create the mess? Because our local media has given him a free pass on Obamacare by refusing to ask Nelson ANYTHING aka NOTHING about any ObamaCare issue, including asking about Nelson's own special exemption Obama created. 

Now the media stenographers for the Democrat party did report that Nelson requested a delay in raising the federal flood insurance rates. But wait. According to this Tampa Bay Times article, Nelson voted FOR the Biggert-Waters Act of 2012 last year to raise the rates.

But today's Tampa Bay Time's Op-Ed is a poster child example of our local media's hypocrisy.   
U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio had plenty of time this weekend to rail against the Affordable Care Act. But when it came to safeguarding hundreds of thousands of Floridians facing dramatically higher flood insurance rates starting today, he has been largely silent.  
Yet Rubio can't seem to find time to care.
So let's set this stage. Senator Nelson votes to raise federal flood insurance rates last year while the same Tampa Bay Times reported Senator Rubio voted against it and yet the Times attacks Rubio. Make sense to you?

Now Senator Nelson fears raising the flood insurance rates will cause havoc in Florida to 2% of Floridians affected and Nelson wants a do-over on Biggert-Waters law.  But Nelson refuses to publicly acknowledge ANY issues with ObamaCare.  He says nothing about giving the majority of Floridians and Americans a do-over on the job destroying ObamaCare train wreck that will affect ALL Floridians. In fact, the only public thing we've heard from Nelson on ObamaCare is he's now whining that the "dispute" over ObamaCare is keeping him from his do-over on raising federal flood insurance rates.

Maybe the TBT editorial board doesn't read their own paper. Maybe someone forgot to tell them that Rubio voted against Biggert-Waters Act last year while Nelson voted for it.  Or maybe they're faking they don't know how our Senators voted last year so they write a hit piece editorial on Rubio - on the very day the Democrats shutdown the government over what Nelson calls a  "dispute" on ObamaCare. But the lack of our media to question, ask, report, engage, anything Senator Nelson on the ObamaCare issue is appalling, reeks of bias and lacks any sense of balanced journalistic reporting. 

The media disingenuously has focused daily news reports on the GOP, as if the Democrats were spectators to the spectacle they created, allowing the Democrats to sit on the sidelines.  The Tampa Bay Times, Tampa Tribune and all the rest of our local media have given Senator Nelson a free pass on ObamaCare. But the Eye refuses to and we want Senator Nelson to answer the following questions regarding ObamaCare:
  1. Where is Nelson on the special exemption below that Obama created out of thin air for him, Congress and their staff? 
    Obama created special exemption for Congress and their staff
  2. Is it fair that he and other special groups get waivers and exemptions that the rest of Americans do not have access to?
  3. Does Nelson believe the President can unilaterally and constitutionally delay portions of a bill he signed such as Obama delaying the employer mandate?
  4. If the employer mandate is being delayed, why not delay the individual mandate, especially in light of so many implementation issues identified?
  5. What does Nelson now say to those who are losing their current health insurance because they are being dropped or have had their current policies cancelled? Obama promised that under Obamacare all Americans would be able to keep their current health insurance. Does Nelson believe that is true now?
  6. What does Nelson now say to those who recently received a notice that their premiums are going up, some more than doubling like this premium notice below? Obama promised that Obamacare would REDUCE our healthcare premiums and costs. 
    Click to enlarge - ACA compliant Policy doubles monthly Premium
  7. What does Nelson say to those employees that have had their hours cut to below 30 hours a week due to ObamaCare?
  8. Why did ObamaCare change what we have known for decades as the traditional full time work week from 40 hours to 30 hours?
  9. Does he agree with re-defining the full time work week?
  10. What does Nelson say to businesses who are not hiring or laying off employees because of ObamaCare?  Cleveland Clinic, the model Obama touted in 2009, is laying off thousands.
  11. What Does Nelson say to the analysis below from Forbes magazine that ObamaCare will raise family healthcare spending $7450 between 2014 and 2022? Again, Obama told Americans their healthcare costs would be reduced by $2500 a year.  Do you believe that is true now?
    ObamaCare adds to Family healthcare costs
The local media refuses to hold Senator Nelson accountable for Nelson's own hypocrisy - he wants to delay raising federal flood insurance rates while appearing to fully support the ObamaCare train wreck. Until our local media demands some answers from Nelson on ObamaCare, we will assume Nelson can't seem to find the time to care.

And why should we ever believe or care about anything else that our local media writes or reports about?  Maybe that's why the Tampa Bay Times recently added a firewall you have to pay for to get to their content.  Who wants to pay for this?

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