Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dumb Tampa Bay tweeters of the day

Here's a couple of nominees for dumb tweet of the day.

First up Brad Miller, CEO of PSTA:
 So PSTA needs $100M per year tax hike for some more shade at the bus stops?

Not to be outdone, TBARTA tweeted about some new bike path scheme in London:

Well, if you follow the link,  there is some plan (dream?) in London to build 220km of elevated bike paths in London.
[T]he design team has focused on a 6.5km trial route from Stratford to Liverpool Street Station, following the path of the overground line, a stretch they estimate would cost around £220 million.
If you do the math,  the entire 220km (about 135 miles) of bike paths would cost around £8 billion, or $12.2 billion.

Yeah, that'll happen.

Both Brad Miller and TBARTA seems to be missing some basic math skills.

I'll call it a draw for today, but we'll be looking for the tiebreaker!


  1. You can look through all the Greenlight Pinellas docs on the website, you won't find any mention of bus shelters. So it isn't part of the plan.

  2. If I remember correctly, I believe the bus shelters in Tampa were an idea of then commissioner Brian Blair, who got corporations to sponsor shelters and the taxpayer paid nothing for them.