Thursday, December 21, 2017


Congratulations to Barb Haselden, Candidate for Pinellas County Commission, District 6, and her campaign team! Haselden is officially on the 2018 ballot.

Her campaign sent out the following Press Release:


Haselden receives her Certifiate of Signature
Verification from the SOE
St. Petersburg, Fla., Dec 21, 2017 - In the midst of this busy Holiday Season, Barb Haselden announces she has met the requirements to qualify through petitions thus becoming eligible to place her name on the ballot in 2018 for District 6 County Commissioner. This achievement underscores the determination and commitment that Barb and her army of volunteers possess to work for the taxpayers of Pinellas County. 

Filing to run May 8th, she and her team have reached out personally over the past few months, mostly door to door, to obtain the now certified signatures of 1,719 Registered voters in the District. The District 6 seat is being vacated by John Morroni, who announced his retirement earlier this year. 

Upon receiving her Certificate of Signature Verification from the Supervisor of Elections on December 19th, Barb had these comments: "This is the first critical step now completed six full months ahead of schedule. By going door to door, we saved nearly $6,000 of donor funds that would otherwise be required to get on the ballot. Additionally, we met nearly two thousand District 6 voters in the process. Our team is IN IT TO WIN IT and will do the hard work needed to finish first on Election Day." 

Barb Haselden, first time Citizen Candidate and former Leader of No Tax for Tracks, publishes some of her initial priorities:

1) Secure Term Limits for County Commissioners. Pinellas voters passed a term limit referendum 20 years ago. It has never been enacted.
2) Press for undergrounding of the old power distribution and communication utilities in Pinellas to reduce disruptions during storms.
3) Lead efforts to upgrade, increase capacity to storm water/sewage systems and add more pump station generator power backup to eliminate spillages.
4) Base public policies on raw statistical data and economically sound conclusions.

Inquiries can be directed to John Burgess at 727-374-7883 or


Haselden will be a champion for the taxpayer.  Help her out. Go to her website and hit her Donate button.

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