Saturday, April 24, 2021

AFT Lied, AFT Tax Died and AFT Tax Must Not Be Revived!

Take about 12 minutes to watch more from our interview with Dr. Jim Davison about transportation funding in Hillsborough County. 

All for Transportation (AFT) was NOT the only transportation funding plan in town in 2018.

In addition to AFT, there was an existing 10 year $812 Million transportation plan put in place in 2016 that was funded by existing revenues. There was also a plan proposed by Dr. Davison that did not require a massive 30 year sales tax hike.

Local media refused to report about the other plans which enabled AFT to mislead lie to voters their transportation plan was the only one. 

The Times, All In for All for Transportation, told Davison, who has spent almost 30 years working on the transportation issue in Hillsborough County, his transportation proposal was "not newsworthy".

The Times knew there were numerous potential legal issues with AFT. The Times rejected their journalistic responsibilities by not reporting about them. The Times refused to warn the voting public about AFT's potential legal issues even after Commissioner Stacy White raised his concerns about them before the 2018 election.

No wonder AFT refused to debate anyone in 2018 who opposed their massive tax hike. Their transit rail tax boondoggle was fraught with so many issues, they knew it could not withstand any public scrutiny

Of course, public scrutiny of AFT's tax hike in 2018 could have affected its outcome.

Thankfully, Hillsborough County no longer has the shameful notoriety of being the county with the highest sales tax rate in the state of Florida. 

AFT Lied.

AFT Tax has Died.

AFT Tax Must Not Be Revived!

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