Monday, February 10, 2014

Call for Ronnie Duncan, Chairman of TBARTA, to resign from TBARTA

The following Press Release went out today from Citizens Organized for Sound Transportation, a group of citizens concerned about the transportation issue who see a direct conflict of interest in Pinellas and are demanding Ronnie Duncan, the Chairman of TBARTA, resign. The campaigns regarding the November Pinellas referendum to raise their sales tax for rail and expanded bus service have begun.  The private pro referendum advocacy group, Yes for Greenlight, was announced last week and is being led and organized by Ronnie Duncan, the Chairman of taxpayer funded TBARTA.  

Ronnie Duncan, Chairman of taxpayer funded TBARTA, advocates for the Greenlight Pinellas Plan

Contact Information:
Sharon Calvert


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 10, 2014
Tampa, FL – A letter today has been sent to TBARTA Chairman Mr. Ronnie Duncan from Citizens Organized for Sound Transportation demanding Mr. Duncan resign from TBARTA immediately. Mr. Duncan is now serving dual roles. He is chairman of a state agency at the same time he is stepping into the position organizing and leading an effort known as “Yes for Greenlight”, advocating support to pass the sales tax referendum on the November ballot in Pinellas County.

February 10, 2014

Mr. Ronnie Duncan
Chairman TBARTA
3802 Spectrum Boulevard
Suite 306
Tampa, Florida 33612

Mr. Duncan:

The Tampa Bay Times reported that you are organizing and leading "Yes for Greenlight", the campaign advocating in Pinellas County in support of a referendum to increase the county's sales tax to pay for expanded bus service and light rail. You appeared publicly as a director and principal of "Yes for Greenlight" at their public kickoff event on February 7, 2014.

This constitutes a very serious and direct conflict of interest for you as Chairman of TBARTA and for the agency as a whole. Your public political advocacy while holding this influential leadership position on the TBARTA board seriously undermines the credibility of TBARTA. This is unacceptable. Your actions are counter to TBARTA's stated Guiding Principles that call for "integrity" and to " build a credible reputation in word and action". The only way the credibility of TBARTA can be restored is with your immediate and unconditional resignation from TBARTA.

Your actions cloud and severely undermine the serious work that needs to be done. TBARTA cannot be an effective state agency when you, as the Chairman of the Board, raise funds and advocate in elections.

Your activities place TBARTA and you personally as a board member and chairman in an untenable position to function effectively going forward.

You must resign immediately in order for TBARTA to regain the public trust.


Sharon H. Calvert
Spokesperson, Citizens Organized for Sound Transportation
505 Cullen Ct.
Lutz, FL 33548
cc: Governor Rick Scott
Executive Director, TBARTA


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