Friday, February 21, 2014

CD 13 issue is Obamacare: Vote Jolly

The Eye looks at the importance of CD 13 special election in Pinellas.   Why is this race so important?  Obamacare!  Obamacare has become the #1 job killer in our country. 

There is no more stark difference in this race than on the Obamacare issue. 
Jolly wants to get rid of Obamacare because it's hurting Americans and those in Pinellas and Sink supports Obamacare.

What's key to Jolly winning?  Turn out, Turn out, Turn out!
David Jolly
If you live in Pinellas - VOTE and get 5 others to Vote too!

Anyone in the Tampa Bay area can help at either of the 2 Jolly campaign offices in Pinellas:
Clearwater:  (727)490-9324
St. Petersburg:  (352)584-7284

Sink says the race is not about Obamacare.  If that was true, why did she reject doing a national TV debate? Sink was on Baynews9 Political Connections recently:

Some points of reference from the Sink interview.
  • Sink says national forces may think the race is about Obamacare but she only goes by what she "hears" from residents in the District.  This is a reminder that it's only been about 2 months since Sink has been "hearing" anything from Pinellas residents.  Pinellas has over 920,000 people and almost 616,000 registered voters.  How many residents of Pinellas does she know much less has she "listened" to in that time frame?  Did she not hear residents in Pinellas say jobs are the priority?
  • When asked whether the CBO report that Obamacare will destroy 2.5 million jobs was devastating, Sink cheerfully replied  "Absolutely Not"  
  • Sink echoes Rep. Nancy Pelosi by happily telling us that Obamacare gives us more freedom and choice (so someone else can pay for their healthcare - small detail left out).  Sink sees Obamacare as an "Exciting Prospect".   Does anyone in Pinellas county think the Obamacare train wreck is an exciting prospect?    
  • In between her gleeful support for Obamacare, Sink indicts Obamanomics, the Obama economy, by stating how horrible the economy has been for the last 5 years.   Has Sink informed the Democrat party how bad the economy is that they have created?  
The #1 issue of Americans today is JOBS.  It is impossible to support a pro-jobs agenda and support the job destroying Obamacare.

The choice cannot be more clear in Pinellas.  

Vote Jolly!

Send a message that the only exciting prospect for Obamacare is its repeal!  

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