Saturday, November 3, 2018

Paid Political Facebook Ad Runs Without Proper Disclaimer

Is All for Transportation shoveling money wherever they can trying to stop the wreckage of such a bad week for their Rail tax?

Are they paying to have old articles run with outdated and misleading information run as paid ads?

It looks that way.

We posted previously that Peter Schorsch's Florida Politics hired Janelle Irwin as part of the local media cheerleading team to rah rah for the rail tax. Since hired by Schorsch, Irwin has been shamefully writing her pro rail tax propaganda pieces by dismissing those who oppose the rail tax as irrelevant and refusing to speak to them.

Today Florida Politics is running a paid political Facebook ad of an outdated article written by Irwin on October 19, 2018.  Irwin's article states the Florida Sentinel was supporting the rail tax hike and then suggests the African-American community is supporting it too.
Florida Politics paid political Ad without any disclaimer
Florida Politics runs this paid political Facebook ad without any proper disclaimer.

Irwin also misstates the revenue raised by the rail tax over 30 years as $9 Billion. While the revenue raised in the first year alone is $280 million, the revenue raised using the same growth rate as the MPO, is $16 BILLION over 30 years.

No worries - it's a small $7 BILLION rounding error in Irwin's "reporting".

Florida Politics did not suddenly decide to run this particular outdated article as a paid political Facebook ad the day after the local NAACP released a Press Release stating their opposition to the tax hike.

Florida Politics was paid to run this political ad for All for Transportation.

And they left off the required political ad disclaimer.

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  1. Looka the east Tampa precincts that voted heavily in favor. The avg home value is 90k yet they vote to raise taxes? My guess is "community organizers" filling out ballots for people at Hanna Oaks
    2425 E Hanna Ave, Tampa, FL 33610
    (813) 238-3053