Friday, July 19, 2019

Breaking News: Commissioner White Has Appealed All for Transportation Ruling

Breaking News from the Eye: Just this morning, Commissioner White appealed the All for Transportation ruling to the Florida Supreme Court.

There are now two appeals, one from the class action lawsuit filed yesterday and one from Commissioner White, to the Florida Supreme Court related to the All for Transportation transit (AFT) tax.

Judge Barbas threw out all of AFT's spending allocations, mandates and constraints as unlawful and illegal. He somehow left the tax itself standing and now there are 2 appeals on his ruling.

Stay tune for the latest as we learn more.


  1. Thank God we have a commissioner that has the common sense, prudence, and stamina to do the right thing for the citizens of Hillsborough County.

  2. Whether you are for or against the sales tax and what it pays for, everyone should be glad and proud the we still have people who will put themselves out on a limb and all alone to fight for the truth. Tyler Hudson and company keep repeating the same talking lines over and over about the “will of the people”. The people have never had the right to vote for something that is illegal as has been shown throughout the history of this state and country. This one is no different. All Con Men use the same excuse when their exposed. “They gave me the money willingly” is not an excuse when the people were lied to. Bernie Madoff would have been proud of AFT and the politicians backing them. Looking at the findings of the 2011 post-referendum analysis by the MPO, Kevin Thurman’s transit manifesto, Mark Sharp’s transit manifesto and the AFT media campaign one can’t help but come to the conclusion that the people and voters of Hillsborough county were “played like a mark”. The recent transportation discussion by the BOCC and promises of the Tampa mayor’s race reinforces this observation. Everything No Tax for Tracks claimed has come true. Commissioner White has stuck his neck out to prove it and he continues to do so. The other commissioners are not just expounding a different point of view. That would give them the benefit of ignorance, which they are not. The 4 of them are doubling down on the lies from the AFT media blitz and continue to expound them. I look forward to the coming appeal and if anyone in the county wants to show their children how to behave and see courage in action, they only have to look at Commissioner White.