Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gene Webb - Greenlight is "Bad Law"

Gene "Doc" Webb was one of the featured speakers at the No Tax for Tracks Pinellas kickoff rally on July 20, 2014 in Palm Harbor.

Gene offered some interesting insights, most of which have not been discussed elsewhere, and we were able to catch it on video.

Gene is a 40 year resident of Pinellas County, and worked in senior management for the city of St. Petersburg for over 28 years.  He's read, reviewed, and written many laws and ordinances in his public service career, and calls the Greenlight referendum "bad law."  It's the "most poorly written piece of legal language... in my 40 years in Pinellas County."

Get informed. Watch it below. It's well worth your 14 minutes.


Gene writes regularly for EyeOnTampaBay, and will have more information and commentary each week.

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