Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Sunday Post July 20, 2014

New St. Pete Police Chief
There was a swirl of activity this weekend surrounding who will be the next St. Pete Police Chief. The Kriseman Administration clammed up with a stern no comment as word leaked out all of the announced candidates except Jerry Geier from Goodyear AZ had been informed they would not get the position.

Apparently no one could find Geier. Don't place any bets on Geier, no one reported any celebrating in the Davis camp either.

Early in the weekend the Kriseman administration indicated there would be an announcement on Tuesday, a late night TV news report Saturday  indicated the announcement would be on Monday.

This one could have probably been managed a little better, but at least we will know by Wednesday who will be running the ST. Pete PD.

Want to know more? Best coverage so far on Saintpetersblog: Melanie Bevan will not be the next St. Pete Police Chief.

Greenlight Pinellas
No Tax for tracks will hold their North County Kick off Rally today at Tiffany's Restaurant 35000 US Highway 19 in Palm Harbor. Start Time is 4:30PM.

Come on up to Palm Harbor, I will be speaking along with a host of others. You can enjoy some good food and get the real facts on Greenlight Pinellas.

While you're at it, bring your checkbook and help defeat the biggest tax grab in Pinellas County History.

The Realtors, developers, train suppliers, consultants, financial institutions and Chambers of Commerce have already raised over $500,000 dollars to get a tax initiative passed they hope will make them rich. This effort failed in Hillsborough County and it should be defeated here in Pinellas County.

Hope to see you at Tiffany's this afternoon. You can get more details at Eye on Tampa: DON'T MISS THE NORTH COUNTY NO TAX FOR TRACKS KICKOFF RALLY .

Florida Redistricting
If you're like most people when the current redistricting scandal is the topic of a news report you just tune out and hope they will get to the commercial soon. For non politicians i.e., most of us, it may seem to be a confusing political/legal argument that simply takes away from the real issues of our State.

To me, however it is sad commentary on political system that is supposed to represent the people.
Politicians so obsessed with themselves and the power they perceive the office gives them, operate in their interest and not in the interest of those they purport to serve.

The judge was right to throw out the redistricting and should carefully oversee the actions of those who correct an outlandish breach of the public trust.

Maybe we need some new statutes that apply civil or even criminal penalties to this type of activity. A little jail time might clear some heads and reset some priorities.

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No Tax for Tracks. Meet me at the No Tax for Tracks Kick off Rally, July 20 in Palm Harbor

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