Friday, August 29, 2014

Thirteen Elected Officials who openly Support Lying to the Public and Misusing Federal Funds

PSTA CEO Brad Miller
If you would like to meet 13 elected officials who openly support lying to the public and misusing Federal funds click here: PSTA Board of Directors
The actions of the PSTA Board of Directors mystifies the mind.

Ken Welch PSTA Board Chairman
The PSTA Board has a letter from a federal agency that clearly indicates there may have been civil and criminal activity by their chosen administrator. 

They give him and their Chairman a unanimous vote of confidence.

Not a "mistake" a deliberate violation of a grant in an attempt to promote the Greenlight sales tax referendum.

The total response of Miller and Welch, "we made a mistake it won't happen again". What they mean is they will more cautions so they won't get caught.

I thought you might like to get to know these people you elected so when you see them you can thank them for their service. Click here: PSTA Board of Directors

You might also want to remember these names the next time you seem them on a ballot.

There are two citizen members on the PSTA Board. The often ask good questions, seldom get any answers from their fellow board members or the administration. 

When politically hot items like this misuse of funds issue arise both have that deer in the headlights look, and it seems to me they know what they should ask, but also know if they ask their ride on the PSTA, dais will likely end. 

You can get contact information here: PSTA Board of Directors
Here are 13 really good reasons to vote NO on Greenlight. 

Just imagine what these people will do with a yes vote on Greenlight and $130 million dollars a year of your tax money to play with.

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  1. Get a proof reader and edit this. Too many grammar errors weaken the impact. Call to action regarding resignations of entire board of PSTA needs to resonate loudly. It is the right thing to do given the facts.