Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welch and Miller doing the Duck and Weave

There is a lot of press and media comment today about the Brad Millers' misuse of federal funds to promote the Green Light sales tax initiative.

Best summary: Christopher O'Donnell in the St. Pete Tribune: Board to rein in Pinellas transit boss.

The problem is they are focusing on the Grant and the misuse of federal funds, which is serious enough to warrant a civil or criminal investigation, but no comment on what authority Miller had to issue a  check  spending $ 354,090.67 of your tax dollars to cover his potentially illegal activity.

PSTA Board Chairman Welch said, “There are questions; I think they’ve been addressed.” “Like any CEO, it’s all about performance. I’m seeing the kind of adjustment I need to see and the board needs to see.”


Just what "adjustments" might Miller and his top staff be making?

If it was improper to use the federal funds to promote Greenlight and it is illegal to use taxpayer dollars to encourage voters to vote yes on Greenlight; then how will Miller, Welch and the Board square the original approval of the ads or the unauthorized issuance of the check to FEMA?

Here are the real questions for the PSTA Board
1. Did Brad Miller violate PSTA Policies and Procedures?
2. Do the misuse of Federal Funds and the unauthorized issuance of the refund cheek amount to a violation of the PSTA Ethics Policy?
3. If so, should Mr. Miller be terminated with cause?

Welch is going to try to "remain calm" and sweep this one under the Greenlight rug.

Let's hope there are enough PSTA Board members tired of Welch's tap dancing and Miller's political maneuvering with local and federal money to make some needed changes.

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