Thursday, June 18, 2015

Another 30 Year Sales Tax Increase? No Surprise, Nothing But Blue Skies....

Were there any surprises at the Transportation Policy Leadership Group (PLG) meeting?


Another 30 year tax hike is totally unnecessary, especially after we experienced the CIT tax.

County Administrator Mike Merrill admitted they can plan well up to 5 years and only plan fairly well up to 10 years. HART's Transportation Development Plan is 10 years.Technology is emerging quickly and transportation and transit may look quite different in 10-15 years. The private sector, technology driven consumer to consumer economy, the sharing economy that benefits us all is fast emerging.  

So why tax us for 30 years for "stuff" they can't plan for?

Must be Nothing but Blue Skies.....From Now On....

1 comment:

  1. Even the most command and control governments like communist Russia didn't make 30-year plans but instead their central planners used 5-year plans. Communist China doesn't even go as far. They use 4-year plans! Same with Nazi Germany.

    But Comrade Merrill and our County Government Central Planners know better, thus a 30-year tax proposal instead of a more sane 10 year tax that empowers the citizens who can choose to re-authorize in 10 year increments or not.