Monday, August 22, 2022

Interview with Steve Meisman, Candidate for Pasco County School Board District 1: Is He the Only Qualified Candidate in His Race?

We recently interviewed Steve Meisman who is a candidate running for Pasco County School Board District 1. 

Meisman, as we posted here, filed a lawsuit against the two other candidates in his race alleging they were not qualified to run in District 1 due to their lack of residency required by State law.

We wanted to asked Meisman why he decided to run for school board and why he filed his lawsuit.

Below is a short introduction for why Meisman is running for school board.

The full interview with Meisman that includes more detail about his District 1 school board race and why he filed the lawsuit is below.

Meisman's website is to learn more or to contact him.

Tomorrow, August 23rd, is Primary Election day. School board candidates must get 50% plus one vote to win outright in the Primary. Otherwise the top 2 candidates proceed to the General election. 

The lawsuit will be moot if Meisman wins outright tomorrow.

The court hearing regarding Meisman's case is not scheduled until August 30th.

We will continue to watch and followup until this issue is resolved. 

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  1. While Hernandez is a questionable candidate due to his living arrangements, Washington is not. He has posted at length showing legal documents for transparency proving he lived in district. Not to mention he’s worked here for a long long time.