Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Your Vote Really Matters

Pinellas County November 4, 2014
Opinion by: E. Eugene Webb PhD

Almost 207,000 votes have already been cast in Pinellas County early voting. You can see the unofficial vote count at Supervisor of elections Voter Turn Out.

Please vote today. Don't pass on voting because you think your vote will not matter. On the sales tax referendum, GreenLight, the total vote count will be very important.

It is critical that Pinellas County voters send a clear message to the Pinellas County Commission and the PSTA Board of Directors about how they feel about the GreenLight effort.

We need good public transportation in Pinellas County that will actually serve those who need it.

What we don't need is a redevelopment plan disguised as a transportation sales tax that benefits the 30 or so donors who have dumped $1 million dollars into a campaign designed to convince you a train that runs from downtown St. Pete to downtown Clearwater will work in a densely populated, commercially dispersed , three story tall County. It will not.

Don't let all of those claims about reduced bus service and shutting down bus routes scare you.

If GreenLight, fails to pass as it should, all that needs to done is let the politicians know that if they cut bus service, they will experience the same fate as those who voted to remove fluoride from the water.  Problem solved.

Remember that today, election day, you can only vote in your precinct. Not sure where it is? Go to the Supervisor of elections Find Your Precinct.

 Haven't mailed in your mail in ballot? TAKE IT WITH YOU. 

Your vote is your opinion, make it count. 

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