Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tampa Rally to Support Law Enforcement

There was a rally yesterday, December 30, in downtown Tampa at Lykes Gaslight Park to support our local law enforcement officers. With the blowback against the police lately with the Garner and Ferguson cases, what ever their merit or not, as well as some local protests, the organizers offered a point of view to support law enforcement.

About 70 people attended on a rainy day, including Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor, several law enforcement retirees and family members. Also attending was Sandy Kocab, whose son Jeff was killed June 29, 2010, shot, along with Officer David Curtis, as they pulled over a suspicious vehicle.

There were 3 counter protesters that kept their distance from the supporters, carrying signs stating "all lives matter...", "end violation of human rights...", and one masked protester carrying a sign "Down with police!"

The organizers gave thoughtful and brief speeches, and Chief Castor thanked everyone for showing their support.

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