Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another problem with transit

Men, be aware of your manspreading...
A new subway campaign in New York City is calling attention to commuters who take up more room than they need on public transit. One of their head-turning posters, apparently targeted at men, reads: "Dude, stop the spread please. It's a space issue."
Via CBC Q, heard locally on WUSF, your NPR station.
Actual campaign from NYC MTA against the international crisis of manspreading.
According the manspreading experts, manspreading is sitting with your legs too far apart.

This is a critical issue emerging among transit riders.

Just recently.

It's not been a problem over the last century of transit.

Until now.

You must now be very cognizant of and be on the lookout for manspreading.

This scourge must be stopped.

Are men being targeted?  It does seem men are assumed guilty a lot more these days. Men's privilege, easily debunked campus rape epidemics, etc.

Do we need government or MTA to eliminate manspreading, or can we just, you know, talk and be more courteous?

Jeff Stone, Canadian Association of Equality, a men's rights association, was also quoted. His position?  Things are different down there.  Open up, don't squish the jewels.

Tighten up!
The men most guilty of manspreading are not listening to NPR.

Manspreading opponents are assuming that all manspreaders must always spread their manhood.

Can they not respectfully ask the manspreader if the seat next to them is occupied?  Do they not think the manspreader will relent and allow another transit rider to sit down, and the manspreader contract their legs?

Talk to your neighbor.  You don't need the MTA or government to show some common courtesy, or to ask for a seat.

You might find you have some new understanding or something in common with the manspreader.

Me? Another reason to drive rather than being accosted for incidental manspreading.

Of course, its not all bad news recently with men.

Men in Germany had a big win.  German man went to court, won the right to pee standing up.

Sharon adds:
If a guy sitting next to me is manspreading, I'll empower myself to jab him with my purse.
She carries a big purse.

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