Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday February 8, 2015 A Visit to the 2015 Florida State Fair

Friday was a perfect day to go to the Fair. The weather was great. We arrived at the fairgrounds around 11:30 and spent the next few hours thoroughly enjoying all the fair has to offer.
The front exhibition hall is full of vendors and exhibits and be sure to check out the Alessi Bakery booth. Don't miss the Strawberry Shortcake

Back in the live stock exhibition area are plenty of animals for you to see, pet and feed. Being an Indiana farm boy, Theresa had to drag me out of the steer judging arena.

Back out on the midway I captured our walk in a photo gallery you can see all of the pictures at 2015 Florida State Fair. Be sure to click on the link.

There is a lot to see and do at the Fair this year. If you planning on heading over to the fairgrounds here are some tips:

1. Those discount coupons at Walgreens are no longer available once the Fair opens.
2. You can buy your tickets on line at Florida State Fair they are $13.00 General Admission.
3. Senior discounts are only available on February 9, 10, 11 and 12.
4. The Web site is easy and works really well, buying your tickets on line will save you a wait in the ticket line. Don't forget to print the tickets and take them with you.
5. Parking is free.
6. Taking some sun screen might not be a bad idea if you are visiting during the day.
7. Comfortable shoes are a must and there are a limited number of places to sit.
8. Water is widely available and not over priced.

You can easily spend an entire day and maybe two at the Fair. It is a whirlwind of activity with rides, food, exhibits, live entertainment and some of the best people watching around.

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