Thursday, August 30, 2018

Greed Over Need: Tampa Bay Times Pitches a Temper Tantrum

The Tampa Bay Times needs an intervention.

The Times has reported about 43 Hillsborough County schools needing new air conditioners. They recently published this article about the A/C issue, hot classrooms and mold in schools.
When Plant High School opened its doors after summer break, teachers discovered mold in the auditorium, soggy posters falling off walls and copiers that struggled to come back to life after sitting in high humidity for two months. 
Christine Brady Corum saw so many posts about sweaty students on the Fishhawk Area Neighborhood Facebook page that she began purchasing box fans for Randall Elementary School and launched a community-wide fundraiser.

"Trending" on the Times website at the time of this article reflected that whoever still reads the Times was interested in this issue.

But the Times editorial board either does not read their own "news" or they do not care about the school infrastructure needs or…..they are blinded by train headlights.

The Hillsborough County School Board wanted their 10 year one-half percent sales tax hike on the November ballot. They are negotiating with OPPAGA to get their required audit that they requested in June, weeks before All for Transit requested theirs, done by the pre-election deadline.

The School Board is pursuing a one-half percent tax increase for 10 years versus the greediness of Vinik, his special interests allies and transit advocate sycophants demanding an egregious full one percent tax hike boondoggle for 30 years. 

The Tampa Bay Times recent editorial Editorial: Hillsborough School Board foolishly rushes tax vote is one of the most vicious editorials we have seen the Times ever publish. 

The Times sounds like a whiny toddler pitching a temper tantrum when they can't get a new toy. The public knows the Vinik funded All for Transit PAC jumped in front of the School Board's audit request to get their required OPPAGA audit done first

How did that happen? Time for an investigation to find out.

The Times greedy viciousness is unbecoming but it confirms who the Times is beholden to and their abject bias. 

Jeff Vinik helped bail out the Times last year and the Times is financially beholden to him.

The Times got mad at the school board and they pitched a temper tantrum. To them, the end to force taxpayers to unnecessarily spend billions on costly trains/transit justifies the means.

How dare anyone get in the way of their Greed over Need. Any opposition to their transit tax hike must be shut down.

The Times needs an intervention and it must come from voters in November.


  1. To Sharon - thank you for your continued hard work at exposing the crony corporate corruption practiced by commissioners Hagen, Crist and Murman and enabled by Mike Merrill - all at the expense of "the children." They will have their trains at the expense of the kids and roads left unattended in order to achieve the end. Disgusting!

  2. How much money has Vinik 'invested' in the Tampa Bay Times?