Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good news on the job front

It's been a good week in Tampa on the jobs front.  Two companies announced moves into Tampa.

Terminix call center looking for 200 workers in Tampa
TAMPA -- Pest control giant Terminix is looking to fill a new customer service center in Tampa quickly, hoping to hire 200 workers within weeks.

The jobs, added without government hiring incentives, should be welcome news to the Tampa Bay region. The region has been adding jobs at a faster pace than the state's other large metropolitan areas lately, but still suffers from an 8.1 percent unemployment rate. 
Memphis, Tenn.-based Terminix is opening a call center at the NetPark business park in Tampa to centralize and support its customer service operations, said Alison Boyle, a spokeswoman for Terminix parent ServiceMaster Co.
Netpark Tampa Bay

Morgan Stanley to hire 110, move office to Temple Terrace
TAMPA -- Investment banking giant Morgan Stanley will hire up to 110 people and open a new office in Temple Terrace, marking the second significant hiring announcement by a major company in two days.
On Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott's office announced that Morgan Stanley plans to move into about 25,000 square feet inside the Intellicenter at Telecom Park office complex. There, it will house 70 existing local employees, who currently work in the Sabal Park area east of Tampa, and up to 110 new employees.
The new positions will come with an average wage of $55,000 per year and will include investment advisers and financial transaction processors. To entice the company, Florida, Hillsborough County and Temple Terrace offered Morgan Stanley an incentive package worth $550,000.
The company will receive a tax refund of $5,000 for each new job, payable over six years and after the jobs have been created. Florida is picking up $440,000 of the incentives, while the county and Temple Terrace are each picking up $55,000.
Telecom Park
 No mention of tax incentives for Terminix.  They'll be moving into Netpark, on East Hillsborough Ave.

Morgan Stanley got some tax incentives, which we'd rather not do, but in today's fight for job growth with other municipalities and states that are offering all kinds of incentives, if you want to play, you have to be in the game.  Morgan Stanley's pay is better than Terminix, but not wildly so.

Neither of these mention other incentives or rationale for moving to Tampa.  Perhaps its our great quality of life!

Perhaps its not the Medifuture or high tech jobs  many wish for.  But it is 310 more jobs than last week. We'll take them.

Welcome Terminix and Morgan Stanley!

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