Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rowing regatta and small thinking


  1. The article was good and accurate as far as it went. However, there are several more costs above the cost for the marine patrol boats. It turns out that their cost of $1,700 is one of the smaller costs for having the regatta on the Seddon Channel. The biggest cost is to have a temporary course made on the channel. This was estimated at more than $20,000. Another significant cost was to have temporary docks in place in the Seddon Channel.

    Tampa has ideal conditions and locations for rowing. It’s a shame that the rowing community in Tampa lacks the leadership to bring the various schools in the area to work together to foster and support the sport. Rowing could give some kids, especially girls, a shot at a better college education.

    There will be a race on the Seddon Channel this Saturday as the University of Michigan races the University of Miami. Michigan is a premier rowing program that trains in Tampa and offers scholarships to girls.

  2. Thanks. You highlight a limitation of the media, that they often get the details wrong, so we appreciate the information.

    Still, in the grand scheme of things of the local government budgets, where we are giving TIA Director Lopano a raise bigger than $20K, yet Tampa won't consider privatization of garbage collection, which Hillsborough recently bid out and saved millions, leads us to question priorities. Not to mention some private sector companies could have stepped up on this one. This event is representative of the things we can carve out some unique and "sticky" events and business for Tampa Bay.

    Perhaps we'll get down to the races on Saturday. What time is the race?