Friday, June 7, 2013

Bullying ... by the principal

More abuse by the bureaucracy, this time at Wharton High School.
Wharton High salutatorian Harold Shaw Jr. spent weeks writing a graduation speech he hoped would inspire his classmates to pursue their lifelong dreams.
Unfortunately, his farewell address to the Wharton Class of 2013 will likely be remembered more for the remarks he didn't get a chance to make.
Wharton Principal Brad Woods pulled the plug on Shaw about halfway through his speech at the graduation ceremony in the Florida State Fairgrounds' Expo Hall on Monday.
Shaw, who graduated with a 7.31 grade point average, was forced to sit down and did not receive his diploma at the ceremony like the other graduates.
A 7.31 GPA?! Holy Sh$#!
He was asked to leave the Expo Hall after the graduation, Shaw said. He was escorted out by two Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies who worked security at the event.
Who was threatened? Was Harold Shaw violent?  Or where they protecting him?

But besides that, what did he do to deserve getting yanked?  Tell dirty jokes? Talk too long? Say a prayer?

Well, it's really not clear in the article.
Though he was allowed to pick up his diploma at Wharton two days later, Shaw, 17, is still not sure why he was cut off.
Shaw believes it may be retaliation for a short film he produced and posted on his personal Facebook page to draw attention what he described as unsanitary conditions in the boys' bathrooms at the high school.
"I think it's revenge," Shaw said during an interview at his attorney's office Wednesday. 
He's a dirty bathroom counter-revolutionary!  Sanitary conditions shall not be tolerated!
Woods, who declined to comment, asked a reporter to contact the Hillsborough County School District's communications office for a statement.

Woods directed Shaw's microphone be shut off because he had diverted from his speech, Hillsborough County schools spokesman Stephen Hegarty said. It was a decision the principal made to keep the ceremony on track, he said.
 Mr. Big, hiding behind the bureaucracy.  Could Woods not find his Momma's skirt to hide behind?  Not feeling so tough now?
Shaw and his attorney Tom Parnell said Shaw did not stray from the prepared address.
"I watched the video and read the speech," Parnell said. "It was fantastic.
"He didn't go off topic; he just stumbled a little."
Read the whole thing.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more stupider...

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  1. How sad, The principal should be removed from his job and maybe be the janitor to fix the bathrooms in that school.