Thursday, June 6, 2013

Teacher running for school board gets fired

From the Tampa Bay Times,
Michael Weston, the outspoken math teacher and Hillsborough County School Board candidate, has lost his job.
The district upheld the Freedom High School principal's decision not to keep Weston on the faculty in a process known as "renomination."
Michael Weston, educator, professional, running for School Board
We met and talked with Weston briefly on the campaign trail in 2012.  He's sincere, committed, and brings a real-life experience and background into the classroom.  And he's not afraid to confront failure.
Weston, 57, had established a reputation as a critic of the administration and board member Candy Olson, who represents the South Tampa district where Weston is running. Olson, in turn, read the anonymous letter about Weston out loud during a televised board meeting. She is not seeking another term.
Gutless Candy Olson, part of the HCSB establishment, shirking her responsibility, cannot even confront her opponents.  
"What kind of teachers do they want more than anything now? STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). And they got rid of me."
Weston's backround is in IT consulting, with advanced science degrees.  Life in the real world, with the experience we should be sharing... and educating our next generation.  But apparently not if you don't agree with the HCSB line.

Apparently teachers can be fired... not for incompetence in this case, but for not touting the bureaucracy's line.

Do I smell a witch hunt?

Michael Weston's campaign web site is here.  Consider signing his petition, get a yard sign, make a contribution.

I'm not sure if I'll agree with everything that Mr. Weston does, but I do know we need more like him on the school board.

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