Monday, June 3, 2013

Tribune confuses model trains and light rail

Just when you think the Tribune can't get any more stupid on this ongoing light rail boondoggle, they go way way out of their way to consult with model train enthusiasts on their expertise regarding light rail.
Hobbyists and vendors at the Tampa Model Train Show & Sale bought and sold trinkets and artifacts and just about anything else related to the railroad.

Missing from the event was a real train; a passenger train that runs every day in and out of Tampa, stopping at malls, sports arenas and even the fairgrounds where the model train show was taking place.
Missing from the article was common sense.

Tribune's version of light rail.
Exactly what qualifies model train enthusiasts as experts in transportation solutions? Could it be that both are only of interest to those with great sense of nostalgia over practicality?  Or could it be that they have experience in spending money on a boondoogle  hobby?

So, let me get this straight.  The Trib covers a toy train conference (thanks for coming to Tampa!), spends about 3/4 of the article turning it into a referendum on light rail.
Gordon Hartranft traveled from his home in Ohio to attend the annual show in Tampa and was attuned to the rail travails in Florida and Tampa. He said commuter rail here is not a good idea.

“It’s the biggest money losing proposition going,” he said. Cities where commuter rail have emerged in recent years are struggling over the initial and operating costs.

“I try to take the pragmatic view,” he said. “It’s just so expensive.”
At least Keith Morelli found someone with some sense at the toy train conference.

This is just the latest effort from the Trib to spin their local coverage towards the impracticality of light rail.


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  2. Light rail and toy trains have a lot in common, besides both being vehicles running on rails: Neither is a practical form of transportation. I'll bet Mr. Rogers would have liked it though.