Sunday, September 14, 2014

The PSTA Pinellas County Interlocal Agreement Review.................... You Should Know Before You Vote

Beginning tomorrow Monday September 15, 2014 Dr. E. Eugene Webb presents a 20 Post Series reviewing the PSTA/Pinellas County Interlocal Agreement.

This Agreement approved by both the PSTA Board of Directors and the County Commission will go into effect if voters approve the Sales Tax Referendum.

It does not become a law as the actual Ballot referendum will, but the Interlocal Agreement takes effect immediately up on the certification of the vote should the GreenLight sales tax be approved.

You need to look this Agreement over before you vote.

The Inter local Agreement focuses on bonding, financing, redevelopment and the light rail train. It allows your tax dollars to be pledged to bonds for up to 50 years and renewals for 40 more years, allowing the tax to exist for 90 years.

This series of Posts includes the actual language from the Agreement along with comments and analysis.

You need this information before you vote.

The Posts will go up on Bay Post Internet each WEEKDAY at 5:00AM for the next four weeks. Follow along and add your thoughts through the "Comment" link.

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