Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunday March 8, 2015 Famous Jameis… bad for the Bay, bad for the Bucs and bad for the fans

There are lots of people who think picking Jameis Winston as the number one draft pick for the Tampa Bay Bucs is a big mistake.  You can Google Winston and get a host of responses regarding his NFL draft status.

What strikes me when I see Lovie Smith talking about Winston, it seems that there is a look in his eye that would indicate he’s as much interested in rehabbing the football star as he is in getting an accomplished quarterback.

The fact of the matter is Lovie has enough problems with the Bucs without taking on a major disruption like Jameis Winston.  If the Bucs were a cohesive football team, if they were a winning football team, if they had strong leadership in the locker room; Lovie could get some help dealing with Winston but for now he’ll be pretty much on his own.

Tony Dungy could have probably accomplished bringing Winston to reality, but Tony had a cohesive team that understood the human side of football.

It just seems to me that the risk of adding Winston to the team with all of the hype, the media coverage and the disruption that he will bring to the team far exceeds his value a quarterback. Add to that the personal distraction Winston will likely be for Lovie, the rest of the staff and the players.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be better served passing on Winston and let one of the other more stable teams in the league do the rehab work. The Bucs could very well get a shot a Winston on a second or third bounce, given the high probability of his bouncing around the league for a few years.

I noted with interest Jameis is in the process of trademarking his catch phrase “Famous Jameis”. That alone should be enough to tell Lovie and the Bucs’ management that Winston is all out for himself, and that kind of attitude will not produce the on the field leader the Bucs so desperately need.

For now the Bucs and Buc fans will be better off watching Famous Jameis on the sports talk shows, while enjoying an improving team on the field.

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