Monday, April 5, 2021

Biden Bankrupt America Bill Collides with Opening Our Economy

$2.5- $4 Trillion
Biden Bankrupt America bill

Biden and the Democrats are masquerading their Multi-Trillion Dollar Green New Deal as an “Infrastructure and Jobs" bill. It is actually another Democrat massive porkbarrel Omnibus Spending bill to advance Biden's radical climate change agenda.

But Biden's Big Government Socialist spending agenda is hitting the headwind of good news. All across the country our economy is opening back up providing the opportunities for Americans to get back to work. 

This now raises questions why we need to spend $2.5 Trillion on what Biden touts as a "jobs" bill right after ramming through his faux COVID relief $1.9 Trillion Porkulus bill. Ironically, the poorly timed Porkulus included incentives for people not to go back to work so should those provisions now be repealed?

Even as Biden proposes the biggest tax hike in history, he knows that will not pay for his Socialist programs and will do nothing to reduce deficit spending. 

Biden's Green New Deal will put more Debt on our children, grandchildren and future generations. Our unsustainable debt will continue increasing at an alarming rate. 

Biden's Green New Deal is the Biden Bankrupt America (BBA) bill.

The Biden Bankrupt America (BBA) bill spends very little on Roads, Bridges, Ports, and Airport infrastructure. Where are the Trillions of Biden Debt Dollars going?

According to Legal Insurrection and other reporting, the BBA Green New Deal will fund (editorializing mine):
  • $115B to revamp highways and roads, including 10 major and 10,000 smaller bridges in need of reconstruction
  • $20B to improve road safety, including for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • $20B to TEAR DOWN EXISTING HIGHWAYS and INTERSTATES which are some of our biggest and most highly utilized assets in the country. (Ironically Biden touts the Interstate Highway System project as his model at the same time he wants to tear them down)
  • $85B to existing and expanding transit systems and double federal money for public transit (that few want to ride)
  • $80B to keep bailing out bankrupted Amtrak
  • $174B to state/local gov't and handouts to auto companies to build 500K electric vehicles by 2030 
  • $25B for airports
  • $17B to ports, inland waterways and ferries
  • $213B to "retrofit" more than 2 million homes and build 500K homes for low and middle income
  • $40B to "improve" public housing
  • $100B for "Universal" Broadband for everyone (Democrats oppose the ENCORES project in FL that provides Broadband hmmm....)
  • $111B to replace lead pipes
  • $100B to upgrade and build new schools (Democrats want the Feds to have more control over our local schools, they will use bribes to do it)
  • $12B for community colleges ("Dr." Jill shirked her duties for more money - "caretaking" OldJoe and their dogs that bite is time consuming)
  • $25B to upgrade child-care facilities
  • $16B TO PLUG OIL AND GAS WELLS (HELLO higher energy costs, higher gas prices & higher costs of just about everything you use or buy everyday that uses petroleum products)
  • $40B to a Dislocated Workers Program (after government policies destroy your good paying job, they will coerce you to go build solar panels)
  • $50B to to create a new office at the Department of Commerce dedicated to monitoring domestic industrial capacity 
  • $18B to "modernize" VA Hospitals/Clinics
  • $10B to "revamp" Federal Buildings (does that include barbed wire fencing around them so they can all look like the North Korea DMZ)
  • $10B to "conservation" workers and "environmental" justice
  • $400B to caretakers for seniors and adults with disabilities
  • $100B to "Develop Workforce" in low income communities (we currently have city/county/state/regional agencies who spend millions of our tax dollars every year on workforce development, often in our low income communities)
  • $5B for community violence prevention programs
The Grandaddy of Big Black Hole nebulous spending in the Biden Bankrupt America Bill is $580B. These funds will be funneled to the Democrats "greenie weenie" cronies and donor base. Remember Solyndra who was financially backed by Obama fundraising bundler George Kaiser? (more below)

There are many provisions in the Biden Bankrupt America, crafted by Socialist Bernie Sanders, to promote Biden's Leftist equity and social justice warrior agenda.  

The Biden Bankrupt America Bill includes provisions to stomp out State "Right to Work" laws and protect Unions. It includes job destroying provisions to wipe out the livelihoods of millions and millions of independent contractors like ride share drivers, content providers, etc. 

BBA makes unconstitutional policy dictates on local land use. It forces bans on minimum lot sizes, bans on mandatory parking requirements and bans prohibitions on multifamily housing. Oh the irony...the hypocrisy of Democrats ranting about "local control" when they prefer DC, a thousand arm lengths away, to rule over state and local issues.

Biden admits his Biden Bankrupt America is for government to dictate a total electric economy by 2035 which is just 14 short years away. Biden's dictates ignore expansion of nuclear power. 

What will happen when Biden destroys our fossil fuel industry in 14 years? What will happen as Biden dictates an all electric economy that relies on solar and wind but no expanded nuclear energy?

Look at California. California has already implemented the "electrify everything" agenda. California's costly "greenie weenie" dictates have resulted in rising energy costs hurting low and middle income the most.

Now California cannot keep their lights on and use rolling blackouts like a third world country. The Biden Bankrupt America plan will do that to our entire country.

We remember the "greenie weenie" scandals from the Obama/Biden 2009 crony stimulus. Biden, who has never created a job in his life, was appointed by Obama to oversee the Spending. Taxpayers lost Billions that was handed to "greenie weenie" companies who quickly went bankrupt. 

When "greenie weenie" Solyndra took $535 Million of Obama/Biden stimulus, Biden stated:
By investing in the infrastructure and technology of the future, we are not only creating jobs today, but laying the foundation for long-term growth in the 21st-century economy. 
Two years later Solyndra was bankrupt laying off all 1100 employees wasting $535 million of taxpayer dollars.

The Biden Bankrupt America "greenie weenie" spending agenda on steroids will come with strings attached. It will force burdensome regulations and more bureaucracy to further Biden and the Democrat base Socialist agenda.

Imagine the waste, fraud and abuse. It will abound as Democrats throw Trillions of taxpayer dollars to their crony donor base and Leftist special interests.

Worst of all, Biden and the Democrats intend to bake in their massive spending into future spending. Biden and the Democrat intend to make it as difficult as possible to reduce or get rid of the new Socialists spending programs they created through $1.9T Porkulus and the Multi-Trillion Biden Bankrupt America bills. 

In a span of only a few months Biden has brought up two bills costing almost $5 Trillion. 


Biden is no Moderate Democrat. 

The Democrat's Socialist base demands even larger government spending and higher taxes. Biden is now looking at a $4 Trillion Biden Bankrupt America bill and higher tax hikes to partially pay for it.

The deficit spending and exponentially rising debt of a $4 Trillion Biden Bankrupt America bill, that endlessly bakes in the Democrats insane Socialist spending, will simply Bankrupt America sooner. 

Biden's $1.9 Trillion poorly timed Porkulus and horribly planned $2.5-$4 Trillion Biden Bankrupt America bill now collide with the reopening of our economy. 

Fully reopen our economy and get government out of the way

There are 49 vulnerable Democrats in the House. Senators Warnock in Georgia and Kelly in Arizona have to run again next year. 

If Democrats ram through the Multi-Trillion Dollar Biden Bankrupt America Green New Deal that endlessly bakes in their massive spending, hold them accountable.

Vote them out in 2022.

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  1. The Retrumplicans passed a trillion dollar tax reduction which flowed benefits primarily to the wealthy and did allowed businesses to make stock buybacks instead of investing the savings in jobs for Americans. At least the Dems make sure that benefits flow to those who need them.