Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On Demand with Ride Command

The Eye is always looking to promote innovation and new ways of doing business and providing services. Monday the Eye caught up with just such an entrepreneur, Alan Stapleton, President and Founder of Ride Command, a new way for on demand limo service. Ride Command was launched in Tampa first and uses your smartphone or tablet for a fast and easy way to order your on demand limousine ride when you need and when you want it.

Stapleton, who resides in Maryland, was in Tampa for a few days to work with his local team here and promote his business and he graciously gave us his time for an interview. Please check out the Ride Command website for more information and how to download their app to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Then try out the service with an easy click on your phone or tablet. We wish Stapleton the best and we look forward to catching up again with him and hearing about Ride Command's success.

This is a reminder too that transportation solutions are a hot issue today. The Eye previously wrote a post about the burdensome regulations and ethical challenges of Hillsborough county's Public Transportation Commission aka PTC. We are the only county in the state that has this type of commission and the PTC has a history of inhibiting innovation and entrepreneurs like Stapleton. Ride Command is currently trying to work through some of the issues. Technology will continue to move forward and it's time to get rid of the archaic regulatory inhibitors to new services providing more choices. We all want new businesses here and it's the free markets that should determine whether they are successful and thrive.  Now's the time - let's simplify regulations that inhibit new technologies and businesses like Ride Command.


  1. The Rule of which Alan Stapleton complains is also in effect in Orlando....Miami and other places in this state not to mention other out-of-state jurisdictions. Sharon, do your homework before you take these people on face value.

    1. We discussed with Alan off camera that other communities have similar anti-competitive regulations, including Miami and Orlando. Still does not make it the right thing to do, does it?

    2. Anonymous, Miami is actually talking about reforming their antiquated taxi laws and allowing Uber:


  2. Nice post! Very well written and presented!