Tuesday, August 12, 2014

GreenLight - Yes The Flyers are Coming....The Flyers are coming

If you are a registered voter in Pinellas County you have probably received 2 or 3 Green Flyers touting the PSTA Greenlight Pinellas County $100 million Sales tax Increase

Read them very carefully.

For example one promises "an Accountable plan Where Citizens are In Charge." It then goes on to point out that the "GreenLight Project will be held accountable by a Citizens Oversight Committee made up of Industry Professionals who will have to knowledge and authority to make sure the Pinellas Suncoast transit Authority is managing projects effectively."

Note that the citizens committee doesn't really consist of citizens like you unless of course you happen to be an "industry professional" or a commercial real-estate broker.  It also is probably a good idea to make a donation to GreenLight Yes if you want to be on the committee that will have "knowledge and authority". The real-estate folks are up to about $250,000 in donations that is likely good enough for the chairmanship.

Something around $25,000 could probably assure you a seat at the table.

All these people really want is your vote yes and then 1% of almost everything you buy for the next 90 years. Then they will tell you what is in your best interest.

Carefully read, the Greenlight Flyers tell you what an incredible boondoggle handing $130 million dollars over to PSTA under this sales tax ordinance really is.

Watch My Video Green Light - It's a Bad Law before you vote.

We need improved public transportation in Pinellas County but not like this.

Not with a publicly funded sales tax supported project managed by the very people who will go as far as subverting Homeland Security funds to promote their goals.

Not a project pseudo managed by a citizens committee made up of the very people who stand to gain the most financially from the project.

What's missing here? Serving those in this community that desperately need public transportation.

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