Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sales Tax Ordinance No. 13- 34: Sections 7 and Section 8

You are not directly voting on the GreenLight Plan. You are voting to make Ordinance 13 -34 a law. 

This is an important distinction, because Ordinance 13- 34 will become a law if the referendum succeeds, but the GreenLight Plan does not.

This Post continues a series where we look at The Sales Tax Ordinance, Ordinance 13- 34, and compare it to what is being said by the sales tax supporters.

Here is a link to the actual Ordinance (Law) that you are being asked to approve in the sales Tax Referendum: Greenlight Pinellas Tax Ordinance.

Section 7. Notice of Election. The Clerk shall publish notice of the referendum in accordance with Section 100.342, Florida Statutes, on the following dates: October 1, 2014 and October 15,2014.

This Section sets the legal requirements for publication of Notice of the Sales Tax Referendum.

Section 8. Notice to the Department of Revenue and Department of State. Upon completion of the referendum election called for in this Ordinance, the results of such election shall be certified in accordance with Chapter 100 and Chapter 102, Florida Statutes, to the Department of State. If it is determined upon certification of the results that the majority of the electors of Pinellas County voting in the referendum election are in favor of the levy of the Surtax, the Clerk shall, within ten (1 0) days of such certification, but in no event later than November 16, 2015, submit a copy of this Ordinance and the certification of the election results to the Florida Department of Revenue. The notice shall specify that the Surtax will go into effect on January 1, 2016, and will be in effect until repealed as provided by law, that a surtax of 1% will be imposed and provide such other information as the Department of Revenue requires by rule. The Clerk shall also provide the additional notice to the Department of Revenue required pursuant to Section 212.054(7)(b), Florida Statutes.

This Section establishes the time frame, notice and actions of the State Clerk who will notify the Department of Revenue and the Tax will go into effect January 1 2016.

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