Friday, August 8, 2014

Sales Tax Ordinance 13- 034 The Whereas Part 2

Actually you are not directly voting on the GreenLight Plan. You are voting to make Ordinance 13-34 a law. This is an important distinction, because Ordinance 13- 34 will become a law if the referendum succeeds, but the GreenLight Plan does not.

This Post continues a series where we look at The Sales Tax Ordinance, Ordinance 13- 34, and compare it to what is being said by the sales tax supporters.

Here is a link to the actual Ordinance (Law) that you are being asked to approve in the sales Tax Referendum: Greenlight Pinellas Tax Ordinance.

We continue with the Whereas Section:

WHEREAS, the Board finds that the transportation improvements will enhance access to major employment centers in Pinellas County, increasing the County's economic competitiveness, promote walkable communities, enhance mixed-use neighborhoods, promote economic and community redevelopment, protect stable neighborhoods, expand mobility choices for the citizens and visitors of County, promote environmental stewardship, create jobs for the citizens of the County, address traffic congestion which will promote a more efficient countywide transportation system, including without limitation, indirectly promoting more efficient delivery of public safety services, and provide greater community and regional connectivity; and

This Whereas sets the general reasons for proceeding with the Ordinance. It is by design general in approach tries to rope in as many feel good points as possible other than leading to the next Whereas.

WHEREAS, the transportation improvements therefore will further various important public purposes; and 

This Whereas, however, accepts the two above it as fact, lumping the previous Whereas in to the general term "transportation improvements" which becomes the supporting subject of the final whereas.

WHEREAS, the levy of the Surtax therefore is in the best interests of Pinellas County and its citizens and is necessary to sufficiently fund needed transportation improvements benefiting the County.

In this Whereas, the circular logic of previous three Whereas clauses are now assumed to be in your best interest and a totally valid reason for you to accept the necessity to fund an undetermined plan and one or more to be determined interlocal agreements, and obligation bonds to build an undefined transportation system for which you will pay $130 Million per year for to be determined period of time.

In my next Post we will begin to take a look at the actual Ordinance language.

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